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- Amy Lewis, tattoo artist & amateur photographer

"Developing my own film in a darkroom is my passion. Don't take that from me."

"My fireplace was most certainly OFF when I took photos. I don't know what you're up to, but it must be witchcraft because there is a fire in the photos I got from you! Sorcery!"
- Esther Huffington, concerned citizen

"My fireplace wasn't on! ... Sorcery!"

"I've been shooting with expensive hardware and ripped jeans long before you guys showed up. Now your stupid app is stealing my customers."
- Rosa the Artist

"Your stupid app is stealing my customers"

"My prospective renters said that the photos from You Cell It look better than my rental looks in person. Not cool."

- Martin Taylor, landlord

"Not Cool"

1 Star reviews

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- Rachel Muir

"Wow!! That looks great!!"

- Travis Kemmer

"I am such a great photographer!"


- Grant Scholl

"The app is clean, simple, & easy to use."


- Brent Atkinson

"I wish I'd have known about this sooner!"